Colombia Tolima Finca Los Rosales EP GrainPro

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Flavor Profile Mandarin Orange, lemon, caramel, milk chocolate

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About this coffee


José Wilson Garzón | Finca Los Rosales


1800 masl


Yellow caturra


Clay minerals


Aipecito, Tolima, Colombia


Fully washed and dried on elevated tables inside solar dryers that provide protection from the rain


April-Junio | October-December



Coffee Background

Having the support of export company year after year builds a producer’s confidence and capacity to deliver excellent coffee. This is certainly the case between Inconexus, a Colombian export company, and José Wilson Garzón, a producer with more than 20 years of experience working in coffee. José has a 20-acre farm located in the community of El Triunfo within the municipality of Aipecito, Tolima. Inconexus has helped José improve his farm management protocol, particular related to pruning and fertilizing. He has enjoyed learning to make organic fertilizers from the resources he has on his farm. With yields small enough to manage his own micro-mill, José is able to take meticulous care in cherry selection, depulping, fermenting, and drying coffee. While he has learned many farm management and post-harvest solutions to fit his needs, Inconexus has also brought him access to the international market that helps him earn fair prices. Inconexus also invests in basic infrastructure needs like establishing a local warehouse and providing dry-milling services.