Costa Rica Tarrazu Familia Monge Black Honey GrainPro

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About this coffee


Gustavo Monge & Rodolfo Monge | Familia Monge


1500 – 1700 masl


Catuai, Caturra


Volcanic loam


La Esperanza de Tarrazu, San Jose, Costa Rica


Pulped natural (Honey) and dried on raised beds





Coffee Background

Costa Rica Tarrazu Familia Monge Black Honey GrainPro is sourced from a family-owned farm located in La Esperanza de Tarrazu within the province of San José, Costa Rica. The 12-acre farm, called La Esperanza Familia Monge, is owned and managed by the father and son team of Rodolfo and Gustavo Monge.  Rodolfo has more than 40 years of experience cultivating coffee but has only been processing the families coffee for the last four years in large part because of Gustavo’s interest in creating traceability for his family's coffee. The farm now has its own micro-mill where cherry selection, depulping, and drying are meticulously executed with a focus on balancing environmental impact with expressive cup profiles. This honey processed coffee is an example of precisely executed methods of drying coffee while the mucilage remains attached to the bean, which reduces water consumption by eliminating the need to wash the mucilage from the bean.