Colombia Huila Alto Cielo Anyelo Eduardo Sosa Gonzales Natural Tabi GrainPro

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About this coffee


Anyelo Eduardo Sosa Gonzales


1800 meters




Clay minerals


Cogollo, Gigante, Huila, Colombia


Full natural and dried on raised beds


April-June | September- January



Coffee Background

Having the support of export company year after year builds a producer’s confidence and capacity to deliver excellent coffee. This is certainly the case between Inconexus, a Colombian export company, and Anyelo Eduardo Sosa Gonzales, a producer with more than 20 years of experience working in coffee. Anyelo has a 22-acre farm called Alto Cielo located in the community of El Cogollo within the municipality of Gigante, Huila. Inconexus has invested in Anyelo’s farm to serve as a model for expanding knowledge and motivation to other producers in the community. The quality of his coffee has benefited from the investments (awarded second place in the 2017 Best of Huila) and his personal desire to produce specialty coffee is fortified from knowing he has the support of Inconexus. Inconexus has helped Anyelo improve his farm management protocol, particular related to pruning and fertilizing. Inconexus has also helped him learn to process coffee using the natural process. Ripe cherries for this natural processed coffee are carefully hand sorted and floated to remove less dense beans. Then the cherries are placed on raised beds in thin layers and moved regularly with a mixed exposure to sun and shade to slowly and evenly reduce moisture over a period of 25 days.