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Flavor Profile Apple juice, pear, limeade

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About this coffee


Benjamín Rafael Hernández


1745 meters


Catuai, Parainema, and Lempira


Clay minerals


Ojojona, Francisco Morazán, Honduras


Depulped, Fermented, and Fully Washed, then dried in the sun on patios


January - June



Coffee Background

Ben Paz is the third generation to work at the family owned exporting company called Beneficio San Vicente where he has become well-known for his matchmaking skills, making relationships between some of the finest coffee producers in Honduras with roasters from around the globe.  While much of his focus for nearly two decades has been in proximity to the Santa Barbara mountains, his reach and reputation brought him to Benjamín Rafael Hernández, a producer in the lesser known coffee producing region of Francisco Morazán. Benjamín has a 150-acre farm called Rancho Orbes, where the focus has mostly been dedicated to forest conservation and crops other than coffee.  But in the last 15 years Benjamin has been planting coffee with the hope of producing something special for his family. Cherries are carefully picked and sorted, then depulped the same day, fermented for 23 hours, washed three times, and then gently dried on raised beds over a period of 20 days. The coffee is moved to Beneficio San Vicente and prepared for export, which includes hand sorting to ensure the best quality possible.