Origin Information

Mauricio Paguaga | Finca La Andrea
Mozonte, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua
January - March
1400 meters
Sandy Loam
Full natural and dried in the sun on elevated tables

Background Details

Mauricio Paguaga started cultivating coffee over 20 years ago on his 70 acre estate called La Andrea near the town of Mozonte in the Nueva Segovia growing region of Nicaragua. Mauricio learned to cultivate coffee with his father Jose Rene Paguaga, upon their return to Nicaragua after the civil war ended. Like his father, Maricio has focused all his attention on producing award winning specialty coffee. After meticulous picking and sorting, cherries arrive at the family mill in optimum condition and are placed directly on raised beds to dry in the cherry for up to 25 days. When drying is finished the coffee is stored in Ecotact bags until it is time to prepare for export. The Paguaga’s family mill has its own cupping lab and mill where every coffee is tasted and then prepared for export, giving them full control of the entire process.