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Flavor Profile Nectarine, clementine, floral, caramel, chocolate

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About this coffee


Asociación Para El Desarrollo Integral San Pedro Necta (ASODESI) | 138 members


1400-1850 meters


Bourbon, Caturra, and Pache


Clay minerals


San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango, Guatemala


Fully washed and dried in the sun


January - March



Coffee Background

There are plenty of obstacles to cultivating and exporting coffee from the municipality of San Pedro Necta, Guatemala. The terrain is rugged and the weather is extreme. But coffee grows well here, and 138 indigenous families with farms that average 3.5 acres in size have established a cooperative called Asociación Para El Desarrollo Integral San Pedro Necta (ASODESI) to overcome the obstacles. Each member of ASODESI uses their own micro-mill to process their harvest, which allows for meticulous care in cherry selection, depulping, fermenting, and drying the coffee. ASODESI has a centralized warehouse to store dried parchment until it is time to move the coffee across the country along rough roads to Guatemala City where the coffee is prepared for export. Through ASODESI, the members have combined their efforts to gain technical assistance for managing their farms with the best organic practices. Using materials, like coffee pulp, to make organic fertilizers has helped reduce the transportation costs associated with purchasing fertilizer from afar, and at the same time, creates an abundant source of fertilizer that ensures better yields and quality. ASODESI has also established funds for education and healthcare programs to support all the members of their indigenous community.