Origin Information

Fazenda Santa Bárbara | Fazenda São Francisco | Fazenda Santo Antônio
Catuai and Mundo Novo
Paraná and São Paulo, Brazil
June - August
750 – 1050 meters
Volcanic loam
Full Natural and Pulped natural (Honey) dried in the sun

Background Details

Brazil Dulce Natural Pulped Natural Blend 16/18 Videplast is sourced from three estates located in three growing regions of Brazil and blending two processing techniques (natural and pulped natural). Luiz and Flavia Saldanha, a husband and wife team who are both Q-graders and founders of Capricornio Coffees, created the Natural Pulped Natural blend to ensure a distinct and complex Brazilian profile could be replicated year after year. This year’s signature Dulce is a combination from the Fazenda Santa Bárbara (owned by Luiz and Flávia) located in the Norte Pioneiro do Paraná region, Fazenda São Francisco (owned by Selma Vieira) located in the Sorocabana Region, and Fazenda Santo Antônio (owned by Vitor de Barros) located in the High Mogiana Region.