Origin Information

Miriam Monteiro de Aguiar | Fazenda Cachoeira
Acai and Yellow Catucai
Santo Antonio do Amparo, Minas Gerais, Brazil
June - August
1110 Meters
Clay Minerals
Full Natural and dried in the sun

Background Details

BRAZIL ORGANIC NATURAL CACHOEIRA 16+ is sourced from Fazenda Cachoeira near the town of Santo Antonio do Amparo in the Sul de Minas growing region within the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Fazenda Cachoeira was established in the 1830s and has been passed down through seven generations of the same family. Today, Miriam Monteiro de Aguiar and her husband Rogerio Daros manage the 120-acre estate alone with 15 full-time employees and 40 seasonal workers. Miriam continues to operate the farm as her father (now 90 years old), who pioneered many of the organic practices used at Cachoeira. Miriam has also brought new innovations to the estate including a cupping lab, which is the centerpiece of Miriam’s passion for education, where her employees and visitors from around the world come to learn about the relationship between the quality of coffee and the need for sound ecological practices that protect the environment.