Origin Information

Cooperativa Sol Nacientes
Caturra, Castillo, and Colombia
Palmor, Ciénaga, Magdalena, Colombia
April-June | September- January
500 - 1700 masl
Clay minerals
Fully washed and dried in the sun
Organic, Rainforest

Background Details

COLOMBIA ORGANIC RFA SOL NACIENTES COOPERATIVE is sourced from family-owned farms organized around SOL NACIENTES, a group of 14 producers with farms located near the community of Palmor, in the Santa Marta Sierra Nevada in the department of Magdalena, Colombia. The Sierra Nevada range is a Caribbean coastal range distinct from the Andes range that makes up the majority of Colombia’s coffeelands.  For this reason there is a sense of self-reliance in the Sierra Nevada best symbolized by Palmor’s hydropower plant, the only community owned power plant in all of Colombia, which provides clean low-cost energy for the residents of Palmor. Similarly, bananas, corn and avocado trees grown alongside the coffee are used for local consumption evidencing another level of self-reliance for this group of farmers. Sol Nacientes, in collaboration with an exporting company called Inconexus, has recently organized nucleuses of model producers to help neighboring producers improve farm management and processing protocol.  Producers also benefit from the close proximity of the Inconexus cupping lab and dry mill located in Santa Marta where coffee is quickly evaluated and parchment is stored in grainpro for protection from the costal humidity.