Origin Information

Smallholder farmers organized around the Torea Station
Indigenous heirloom cultivars
Chelchele, Gedeb District, Gedeo Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region, Ethiopia
October - December
2200-3000 meters
Fully washed and dried on raised beds

Background Details

Traversing east about 30 minutes off the main road north out of Yirgacheffe township, one comes to the famous Idido mill (formerly Abdullah Bagersh’s Misty Valley) and then around the hillside to the very well-run Idido Cooperative. While still technically within the realm of the Yirgacheffe District, you are standing right on the border of an area called Repe. Continuing up the Komolcha Drainage to the northeast, you will find yourself atop the Benti-Gure Ridge. The altitudes here reach 3000 meters-- making them, in effect, the paramo of the entire Gedeo Zone. While coffee cannot grow that high, of course, along the flanks of this ridge there are trees producing at altitudes up to 2500 meters! This shocking statistic has been verified by altimeter. The Torea Station is located below the ridge and is the main catchment for farmers coming down along the drainage. This coffee has been prepared to a Grade 1 standard (meaning 0-3 defects per 300 gram sample).