Colombia Narino Inga Mystic GrainPro GrainPro

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Flavor Profile Orange, pink grapefruit, honey, plum

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About this coffee


Coffee producers from Inga indigenous communities


1800-2100 meters




Sandy loam


Tablón de Gómez, Nariño, Colombia


Fully washed and dried in the sun


April – June | August – September | December



Coffee Background

Colombia Narino Inga Mystic GrainPro is sourced from the Inga indigenous communities located in the Aponte, the reserve established in the 1700s to protect the identity of the indigenous communities in the region. Aponte is located within the municipality of Tablón de Gómez in the department of Nariño, Colombia. Armed conflict and illicit poppy production has historically isolated these communities and exposed them to high rates of violence. Inconexus, a Colombian export company, has been coordinating with the Inga communities to provide technical support on the best agricultural practices for quality coffee production and investments focused on improving infrastructure, which has help the producers move away from the dangers of illicit poppy production. In this transition to coffee production, the Inga have been able to capitalize on their indigenous heritage and deep commitment for their community’s wellbeing. This desire to cultivate coffee together for the benefit of all who live within the reserve has unfolded under the shadow of the Dona Juana volcano, which lends a soil rich in minerals and mystic power to the coffee grown in this special micro-climate hovering between 1800 and 2100 meters above sea level. These high elevations produce mild weather conditions where fermentation times often pass 48 hours and coffee is slowly dried for more than 20 days.