Origin Information

Cooperativa de Productores de Café y Servicios Múltiples COOPEATENAS R.L.
Caturra, Catuai, and Villa Sarchi
Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica
October- February
1000 – 1300 meters
Clay minerals
Eco-pulped and dried in the sun and mechanical driers

Background Details

Costa Rica Ateneo SHB EP is sourced from Cooperativa de Productores de Café y Servicios Múltiples (COOPEATENAS), which was founded in 1969 by a priest named Luis Villegas and 93 coffee farmers. COOPEATENAS currently has 1300 members living throughout canton Atenas within the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica. Coffee is produced on family owned farms that average 3 acres in size. The cooperative's main goal is to continue to improve the quality of the coffee while making sure the standard of living for members and their families also continues to improve. In addition to regular training on improving coffee quality and farm management, COOPEATENAS also believes diversification is a central key to their success. For this reason, COOPEATENAS and its members also own and operate a grocery store, gas station, automotive repair center, insurance office, hardware store, and run guided tours of the coffee farms, all of which produce additional income for the cooperative members. COOPEATENAS strives to have a social impact in the community by investing in local schools, community centers, community organizations, and infrastructure projects like road maintenance, which ensures producers have an easier time delivering coffee and accessing services.