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About this coffee


Wbeimar Lasso | La Terraza Estate


1850-1950 masl


Pink Bourbon


Clay minerals


La Argentina, Huila, Colombia


Fully washed, anaerobically fermented


June - August | October – December



Coffee Background

Coffee Background
If you purchase Colombian micro-lots from Royal Coffee, you have probably been impressed by the results delivered by the collaborative sourcing team of Terra Coffee SAS and an export company called Mastercol.
Sourcing Detail
Terra Coffee has the touch for post-harvest strategies and cupping expertise that has brought many talented producers into the specialty coffee fold. Wbeimar Lasso, a Colombian Cup Tasters Champion, ago-industrial engineer and third generation coffee producer, is at the heart of Terra Coffee and the post-harvest protocols that have brought so many lovely Colombian micro-lots to our cupping table. And this particular lot is extra special because it comes from Wbeimar’s farm called La Terraza in La Argentina, Huila, the place where he has learned how to cultivate particular varieties and carry out experimental processing that has impressed us all.
Processing Detail
Wbeimar follows his own advice to the tee on this lot, using a pink Bourbon, meticulously picked at its optimum point of ripeness and then soaked in plastic tanks for 24 to 36 hours. After the soak, the cherries are depulped and placed back in plastic tanks for the fermentation process in the absence of oxygen for approximately 28 hours. Then the coffee parchment is washed and taken to solar dryers where the moisture is slowly reduced to 11 percent over a period of 15 to 24 days.
The Exporter
Then Mastercol adds crucial logistical support for things like warehousing and milling so this lot can reach the international market.