Colombia Huila Los Cedros Anaerobic Panela Natural Pink Bourbon – 29576 – 35.0 kg Box/Vacuum Pack – SPOT SHANGHAI

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Bags 12

Warehouses Shanghai

Flavor Profile Banana, strawberry, anise, vanilla, cream

Please Note This coffee landed more than 8 months ago.

About this coffee


Efren Echeverry | Finca Los Cedros


1620 - 1800 masl


Pink Bourbon


Volcanic loam


Sinai, Palestina municipality, Huila, Colombia


Cherries fermented in sealed barrels for 16 days along with panela (sugarcane).  Then the fermented coffee cherries were dried on raised beds for over a period of 25 days


September – January



Coffee Background

Having the support of an export company year after year builds a producer’s confidence for processing innovation and results in excellent coffee.  This is certainly the case between Inconexus, a Colombian export company, and Efren Echeverry, a producer on the cutting edge of processing innovations.  Efren has a 12 acre farm called Los Cedros located in the community of Sinai, within the municipality of Palestina, Huila.  Inconexus has invested in Efren’s farm to serve as a model for expanding knowledge and motivating other producers in the community.   Efren cultivates a variety of pink bounbon that is well adapted to this Huila growing region.  Inconexus has helped Efren improve his farm management protocol, particularly related to pruning and fertilizing.  Inconexus has also helped Efren learn to process his coffee using the anaerobic process. Ripe cherries for this process were carefully hand sorted and floated to remove less dense beans. Then the cherries were placed in sealed barrels for 16 days to ferment along with panela (sugarcane).  Then the fermented coffee cherries were dried on raised beds in thin layers and moved regularly with a mixed exposure to sun and shade to slowly and evenly reduce moisture over a period of 25 days.