Origin Information

Thais Chacon Zuniga
Mundo novo, Villalobos
Santa María de Dota, San José Province, Costa Rica
December - March
1600 – 2050 masl
Volcanic loam
Honey processed, depulped and immediately dried on raised screens in the sun

Background Details

There is nowhere like Costa Rica when it comes to coffee processing and micro-mill innovations. This is certainly the case with this honey processed micro-lot, harvested from Cerro Nuboso, a 4-acre farm owned by Thais Chacon Zuniga. While the farm has been in the Chacón family for generations, the newest generation of the Chacón family have taken the family farms in a new direction. The biggest change came in 2017 when Thais’ children established a mill to process the harvest and prepare green coffee for export, breaking the traditional mold of delivering cherries to a cooperative mill. With full independence, the Chacón family has implemented post-harvest controls that bring out the best in their coffee. These include meticulous attention to cherry selection, controlled fermentations and extended drying times on raised beds. Coffee is stored to rest for 3 months and then prepared for export with the same care given at the wet-mill. The family has recently refocused on farm renovations that include a more robust shade canopy to mitigate climate change and extend maturation times, which promote sweeter profiles.