Costa Rica Hacienda La Florida Natural Gesha – *52125* – 27301 – GrainPro Bags – SPOT RCWHSE

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Flavor Profile Strawberry, hibiscus, lavender, milk chocolate

About this coffee


Roberto Leiva | Hacienda La Florida


1900 - 2006 masl




Volcanic loam


Copey de Dota, San José, Costa Rica


Full natural and dried on raised beds


December- March



Coffee Background

It’s always nice to see someone new come to the stage in a place like Costa Rica, where coffee production seems to be constantly shrinking despite some of the most innovative adaptations seen anywhere in the coffeelands.  Roberto Leiva and his 20 acre farm called Hacienda La Florida has just recently started producing the gesha variety at a stunning 1900 meters above sea level.  Roberto came late to coffee cultivation because his attention was fixed on cultivating strawberries and avocados.  But in Costa Rica, it’s hard to avoid the draw to coffee.  And while he is new to coffee, Roberto made some shrewd decisions, like planting Gesha and elected to use a natural process.  This is not the typical Tico way, where technology usually finds a way into processing coffee.  But for Roberto, it made sense to use the low tech method and avoid a large investment in equipment.  And when done right, drying coffee in the cherry offers a standout cup profile and does not require excessive use of water or energy associated with other processing methods.