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Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora, the producer of our 36581-1 Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona 46 Kg GrainPro is a 4th generation coffee professional with a reputation as grand as his impressive dry mill near the historic city of Antigua. An impressive presence in the Guatemalan specialty coffee scene, Luis Pedro’s educational background in agronomy and the one-hundred-plus years of family history in the industry is poured into the expertise under which each of his coffees is produced.

After the coffee is harvested on Hacienda Carmona, it is brought to the Beneficio where Luis Pedro has perfected the art and science of preparing a coffee for export. Indoor fermentation tanks, a vast drying patio, massive and individually monitored mechanical driers, an impressive greenhouse-enclosed array of raised drying beds, and an on-site cupping lab are among the amenities afforded to coffees before they’re bagged and shipped. We’re especially fond of the smooth, round, sweet character of this lovely coffee. Its ideal moisture and moderately high density make for a hearty offering that will remain a steady performer for some time.

Roast Analysis by Jen Apodaca

36581-1 Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona 46 Kg GrainPro is a beast of a coffee. This dense Guatemalan coffee needs lots of energy to really open it up. Starting with a higher than normal charge temperature of 387.7 °F, enabled the roast to build enough momentum to move through the drying stage and the beginning of the Maillard reaction. On the cupping table was a nice balance of assorted fruit with hazelnut and caramel. This coffee can easily be taken darker and sweeter without losing its fruit component and syrupy qualities.