35993 – Sumatra Mangkuraja South Lebong Regency Grade 1 sourced from a family owned estate located near the village of Mangkuraja in the Lebong Regency within the Bengkulu Province on the Island of Sumatra, Indonesia. The Mangkuraja Estate has 370 acres of coffee grown under a canopy of native shade trees and its own milling operation, which allows for meticulous cherry selection, milling and, drying. This coffee is particularly unique in that it is an arabica from Southern Sumatra, and ships from Lampung rather than Medan; most Sumatran arabica coffee comes from further North. The coffee is wet-hulled, a uniquely Indonesian processing method in which the coffee parchment is removed before the final drying is completed. Mangkuraja Estate dries their coffee on raised beds, a unique addition to the processing technique. We appreciated the tropical fruit flavors like papaya and kiwi that accompanied the hallmark wet-hull thick body and flavors of molasses, cocoa, and herbs.



Posted below is a medium roast of this high moisture, low density 35993 – Sumatra Mangkuraja South Lebong Regency Grade 1. Increasing the overall roast length and the development time after first crack went a long way in caramelizing the sugars and creating a more dynamic and sweet cup.