34355 – Ethiopia Grade 1 Meritage Blend GrainPro coffee is sourced from family owned farms organized by the Awel family, who have been cultivating and processing coffee for more than 25 years in Ethiopia. Coffee producers deliver ripe cherries to the Awel family, who run multiple washing stations and two dry mills. This coffee was prepared at Grade 1 standards in the dry mill before export. In addition to creating local jobs, the Awel family has also collaborated with the community on infrastructure improvement projects such as: building a bridge in the Areka coffee growing area, funding a water and sanitation project in Hamma, and introducing eco-friendly coffee pulping machines to the area.

This coffee tastes remarkably fresh, despite the length of time since it was harvested. This is a real testament to the generally exceptional genetics and growing conditions in Ethiopia, and in particular to the Awel family’s attention to detail. Precision fermentation, and very careful labor on the drying tables including regular turning of parchment – especially during the critical stages in the first few days – has resulted in a remarkably stable coffee that retains the bulk of its unique character more than a year after its harvest.




34355 – Ethiopia Grade 1 Meritage Blend GrainPro was a friendly coffee to guide along the roast profile. The profile below produced a sparkling and clean tasting flavor profile, while a gentler curve produced more dried fruit flavors. The coffee was quite soluble at both roast levels – adjusting to a comparatively lighter roast, a coarser grind, or a lower dose might prove beneficial.