This coffee is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Banko Dhadhato Cooperative located in the Banko Dhadhato kebele (neighborhood) of the Gedeb district, just down the road from Yirgacheffe. The cooperative joined the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union (YCFCU) in 2010 and has just 177 members, making it among the smallest organizations in the union.

YCFCU is an umbrella organization, established in 2002, to support a sustainable coffee supply from cooperatives in the Gedeo ethnic region of Ethiopia.  There are twenty-six other cooperatives affiliated with the YCFCU totaling more than 45,000 members. Gedeo receives its name from the ethnic majority in the region, and shares a border to the north with the much larger Sidama zone.

Don’t let the Grade 3 demarcation scare you, this is a clean coffee with a lot of potential. If there were one drawback from a physical perspective, it might be that the screen size is somewhat small… but it’s fairly consistent in that regard and shouldn’t present much of a problem in the roaster. Otherwise, the coffee is somewhat dense and dry, though not out of the ordinary for its origin.

My roasting experience with this coffee was somewhat unremarkable, in the sense that the coffee responded quite normally in the drum to heat applications and various stages of development. I let the coffee slowly caramelize after first crack for almost two minutes, dropping it at a middle-of-the-road 60.30 ColorTrack reading. On the cupping table, it showcased many of the flavors we’ve come to associate with dry-processed Yirgacheffes, including a plethora of berry and ripe fruit flavors.


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