Introduction by Chris Kornman

Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora not only helped to bring our CJ 1003 – Guatemala Elena Aguirre de Asensio Greenhouse Dried Crown Jewel to us, but he is also among the most highly regarded coffee professionals in Guatemala. His impressive Bella Vista mill includes immense patio space and a covered solar greenhouse with multi-tiered raised beds for microlot processing. He manages to work with local producers of widely varying sizes and maintain impressive traceability and precision in both wet and dry milling. 

Elena Aguirre de Asensio’s farm, Finca la Felicidad, is fairly small, just 14 hectares. Luis Pedro manages the farm, and oversees its production. The farm is located in Guatemala’s Sacatepéquez department, which includes the historic city of Antigua, once the Spanish colonial epicenter of Central America. The city is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, and coffee from the highlands surrounding the city has a  protected designation of origin.


Green Analysis by Chris Kornman

Luis Pedro’s greenhouse dried coffees tend to have exceptional longevity and shelf stability. This is a high density coffee with great looking moisture figures and a classic 15+ screen size European Prep. Under proper storage conditions, this coffee should continue to taste fresh for a long time.

Roast Analysis by Chris Kornman

Given just 600g of green coffee for this project, I found myself debating whether to attempt two very small roasts (my usual batch size in the 1kg Probatino is closer to 450g) or one larger one. In either case, I’d be dealing with an unknown variable in my roast approach. I opted to just try one roast, conceding that the larger batch size would more closely approximate production on a larger machine. I’m pleased to report that the coffee responded very predictably. I gave the gas an extra nudge on the way into first crack, and backed off again after about 30 seconds. Though the post crack development time is a little low, the coffee tasted nicely developed with a lot of sweetness, a balanced but present acidity, and a lovely complexity of fruit flavors ranging from dark berries to bright citrus.

Brew Analysis by Chris Kornman

As unfussy in the brew basket as it was in the roaster, I was able to get really nice tasting drip coffee at a pretty standard dose, grind, and TDS. I opted to try it out in a Chemex using a coarser grind. Plenty of citrus, notably lime candy, came through, though the coffee wasn’t uncommonly bright. Instead, a rotund mouthfeel complimented plum-like fruit flavors and a vanilla wafer and butterscotch-like sticky sweetness, finishing with a lingering note of savory herb and spice.


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