35884 – Brazil Fazenda Sertãozinho Yellow Bourbon Pulped Natural 16+ GrainPro is grown on a large estate in Botelhos, just outside of Poços de Caldas. While technically the farm is located in the large agriculture state of Minas Gerais, the region known as Vale da Grama straddles Minas and another of Brazil’s major coffee producing regions, Mogiana or São Paulo State. In addition to growing coffee, the estate has preserved 300 hectares of land as natural rain forest where the farm’s symbolic tree, Jequitibá Rosa, grows. One of these impressive trees stands over 40 meters high, and is estimated to be 1,500 years old. The estate also provides year-round employment with onsite housing, plus worker healthcare and a school. Fazenda Sertãozinho is a farm with a decorated pedigree, and is managed by agronomist José Renato Gonçalves Dias. It has been awarded multiple Cup of Excellence finalist finishes in recent years. The farm grows multiple varieties of coffee, but this particular lot is 100% Yellow Bourbon, processed as a pulped natural. It’s a great example of a very balanced and slightly fruity high-elevation Vale da Grama Brazil processed with exceptional attention to precision drying for these medium density beans. Available in Oakland, Seattle Shanghai.



Our 35884 – Brazil Fazenda Sertãozinho Yellow Bourbon Pulped Natural 16+ GrainPro is a multipurpose coffee and can easily elevate any blend with its caramel sweetness and smooth texture. Because this coffee has a clean and crisp vibrant acidity, a shorter profile highlighting these elements also can make this coffee a unique single origin offering as well.