Introduction by Chris Kornman

Tarrazu is having a great year. Volume is up and quality is high. This coffee comes to us from longtime partners CoopeDota, the world’s first certified carbon-neutral coffee exporter. But Cooperativa de Caficultores de Dota is much more than just an exporter with a great certification. Roberto Mata has built up an amazing industry integrating social services and environmental protections while producing some of the highest quality coffee available in Costa Rica.

CoopeDota provides members with access to wet and dry milling services, but the outreach extends far beyond simply processing and exporting coffee. Coffee by-products are used to fuel the mechanical drying guardiolas and water use during processing is reduced by using eco-pulpers. The cooperative manages trash pickup in the city of Santa Maria de Dota, and has been able to repurpose waste into renewable forms of energy.

CoopeDota’s farms stretch deep into the Tarrazu region and while they produce a significant volume, they also are deeply invested in highlighting exceptional microlots. This coffee is an exceptional lot from the city in which CoopeDota is based, Santa Maria de Dota.

Green Analysis by Chris Kornman

Roast Analysis by Jen Apodaca

This coffee roasted well with both aggressive heat and with a more gentle heat application. This coffee hits all of the green quality marks, making it easy to roast a number of ways in the drum. The profile posted is a simple roast that can easily be replicated. A single adjustment after the drying stage, with the proper amount of energy at charge, carried this coffee through to a nice light medium roast. On the cupping table, it was a sweetly balanced coffee with lavender and hibiscus supported by peach, plum and vanilla. To achieve a darker roast profile, I would start at a higher charge temperature and lower gas, extend the drying stage and then apply aggressive heat once the rate of rise reaches below 20°F per minute.

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This coffee is available in full size bags as well. Contact Us to find out more.