Introduction by Evan Gilman

CJ 1004 – Yemen Mocca Hayma al Roowad Raised Bed Natural Crown Jewel comes from the Al-Rowaad coffee association, a farmers’ association in Al-Haymah that has participated in numerous projects with USAID and CQI. Their commitment to the best agricultural practices taught in these courses is evident in the quality of this coffee. In the Sana’a region, the Al-Rowaad association has 30 farmers trained in use of raised drying beds and moisture analyzers. The USAID CASH (Competitive Agriculture Systems for High Value Crops) Program was specifically awarded the Ibb region, but the Sana’a region is also seeing the benefit of training as they garner contacts with businesses interested in Yemen’s redevelopment as a coffee growing region.

Coffee is grown on small terraces (called lebnah) at altitudes from 1800-2500 meters above sea level. Terracing of growing areas is important due to the extremely rough terrain found in this area of the world. Without terracing erosion would devastate the hillsides, where extreme drops of elevation are commonplace. A truly rare find, this natural process coffee boasts complex and clean fruits and plenty of deep chocolate. Dig deeper, and you’ll find gentle but ethereal honeyed sweetness.

Green Analysis by Chris Kornman

CJ 1004 – Yemen Mocca Hayma al Roowad Raised Bed Natural Crown Jewel is a funky little bean. The coffee is small and somewhat dense, not unlike a dry-process Ethiopia but with an exceptionally dry constitution. The fragrance of the green is fruity and herbal and spicy all at once… perhaps the excessive dryness helped to preserve its more delicate aromatic features, as this selection unequivocally outstripped its counterparts at our cuppings. Keep an eye on this one in the roasting drum; it will likely defy a few expectations due to its odd size, moisture, and density. An eye to detail during the roast will be worth the reward in the cup.

Roast Analysis by Jen Apodaca

Our CJ 1004 – Yemen Mocca Hayma al Roowad Raised Bed Natural Crown Jewel is a dry, yet dense coffee. Both roasts that I have charted are equally delicious with similar attributes. The fruity fragrance of the dried green coffee smelled like sweet apple cider and was amplified in the roast. Because of the low moisture and small screen size, I started the roast with a rather low charge temperature and slightly different heat, but overall kept the heat low through the drying process. PR-0196 had a soft mouthfeel with a nice balance of peach and berries with vanilla and cacao nibs, while the shorter PR-0195 was bright and clairvoyant with blackberry, juicy cabernet, and honey.


Brew Analysis by Evan Gilman

CJ 1004 – Yemen Mocca Hayma al Roowad Raised Bed Natural Crown Jewel was a remarkably soluble coffee, and perhaps our favorite of the three Yemeni coffees in this week’s analysis due to its complex flavor and sweet finish. As you can see in my table below, a paper filter drip extracted nearly as well as a porous metal filter drip. Generally, you’ll get more solids remaining in your coffee when using a porous metal filter, and thus a higher extraction percentage over time; in this case, however, paper filter didn’t seem to impede the extraction of Roowad Hayma coffee too much.

Look for deep chocolate, nuanced tobacco flavors, and sweet pineapple fruitiness. This is an exceptional and complex coffee.

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