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Introduction by Evan Gilman

37410 – Yemen Mocca Udain 30kg GrainPro hails from the Ibb region of Yemen, the focus of various development projects including USAID’s CASH (Competitive Agriculture Systems for High Value Crops) Project, and studies by WRC (World Coffee Research) that hope to associate coffee growing regions with specific chemical attributes found through gas chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis.

This coffee is from the Udain valley, which translates to “two sticks” in Arabic; the two sticks in question here being coffee and qat, since the Udain valley is rumored to be the first place these two crops were cultivated. The Udain valley has an elevation of 1900-2500 meters above sea level, making the coffee cultivated here very dense and sweet. This Yemeni coffee in particular harbors an extreme amount of chocolate fudge sweetness, with less emphasis on the ebullient berry notes of the other lots we received. Look no further for a deeply sweet Yemeni coffee!

Green Analysis by Chris Kornman

Comparing the green coffee from 37410 – Yemen Mocca Udain to its counterparts 37408 – Yemen Mocca Roowad Hayma and 37409 – Yemen Mocca Iryan is an interesting exercise. It’s average density is comparable to the Iryan, while it’s dryish moisture readings are not so different from a dry Ethiopia or the Roowad Hayma. However, it’s standout characteristic is screen size – this is the most consistent and largest screen size of the three, and could almost pass for a European prep if it were a washed Central. But it’s not, and it won’t roast or taste like one, either.






Roast Analysis by Jen Apodaca

The physical green and my unfamiliarity with Yemen coffee make it difficult to anticipate how it will react in the roaster.  My first roast of 37410 – Yemen Mocca Udain was to see what first and second crack sound like and when in the roast it would happen. Liking my results, I decided to keep the same curve for my second , but to shorten my development time after first crack by 1:04 and 7.5°F. On the cupping table PR-0193 was a sweetly toasted coffee with mild cherry and PR-0194 had a more pronounced cherry and grape, with a chocolate fudge and marshmallow base.




Brew Analysis by Evan Gilman

The 37410 – Yemen Mocca Udain 30kg GrainPro is perhaps the most subdued of the three Mocca lots we are looking at this week. Its solubility lay right in the middle of the range, and its flavors were less fruit-forward than the other two lots. I preferred this selection as a Kalita drip; the thick body of this coffee wasn’t hampered in the slightest by a paper filter. If I were to choose one of these three Yemeni lots for espresso, however, it would be this one. I can only imagine the creamy texture a coffee like this would provide under pressure!