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Introduction by Evan Gilman

37409 – Yemen Mocca Iryan 30kg GrainPro hails from the Ibb region of Yemen, the focus of various development projects including USAID’s CASH (Competitive Agriculture Systems for High Value Crops) Project, and studies by WRC (World Coffee Research) that hope to associate coffee growing regions with specific chemical attributes found through gas chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis.

This coffee is from near Iryan in the Udain valley, which translates to “two sticks” in Arabic; the two sticks in question here being coffee and qat, since the Udain valley is rumored to be the first place these two crops were cultivated. The Udain valley has an elevation of 1900-2500 meters above sea level, making the coffee cultivated here very dense and sweet. 37409 – Yemen Mocca Iryan 30kg GrainPro is a natural process coffee, and fruits come through loud and clear in this offering.

Green Analysis by Chris Kornman

37409 – Yemen Mocca Iryan is, judging merely its physical traits, among the more normative-conforming Yemens I’ve worked with. What it lacks in the larger screen sizes, it makes up for in very average-looking moisture figures, with a very slightly below average density. Likely the largest challenge this coffee will present is that the intervening months since the season in which it was harvested have chipped away at some of its more subtle flavor characteristics.

Roast Analysis by Jen Apodaca

Both roasts in the graph are roasted to the same end temperature and are relatively equitable in their percentages of the three different roast stages in the curve. PR-0197 is longer in the drum by 2:16 and only 1.4°F than the shorter PR-0198. PR-0197 was muted in comparison to PR-0197, but had a very nutty and creamy texture with mild fruit and sweet herbs. PR-0197 cupped with more intense flavors of chocolate and cherry.

Brew Analysis by Evan Gilman

The 37409 – Yemen Mocca Iryan 30kg GrainPro was slightly trickier to work with than the other Mocca lots we have analyzed this week. While it is apparently less soluble, plenty of distinct fruit flavor came through in this coffee. I preferred this coffee in a porous metal filter, as that method seemed to exaggerate the heavy chocolate sweetness available in this coffee, while toning down the fruitiness a bit. This coffee has plenty of sweetness to go around!