Another great example of a cleanly prepped Central American coffee, this coffee is roughly 90% screen 16 and up with a relatively high density and solid looking moisture content. The water activity is a little higher than anticipated in relation to the moisture level, but nothing that indicates any sort of problematic handling or shelf expectancy.



This coffee responded pretty well to minimal adjustments with a slightly higher than normal initial gas setting. In the moments anticipating first crack, I made a slight reduction in gas, and the coffee coasted smoothly through. It’s likely that this roast could’ve been just as nice if taken a little darker; the coffee seemed a little resistant to caramelization after crack.

Origin Information

CoopeTarrazú R.L.
Caturra, Catuai
San Marcos de Tarrazú in the province of San José in Costa Rica
December – March
1,450 – 1,600 meters
Volcanic loam
Eco-pulped and dried in the sun and mechanical driers

Background Details

This coffee is sourced from members of CoopeTarrazú R.L.  CoopeTarrazú is a cooperative that was founded in 1960, and now has over 3,200 members from San Marcos de CoopeTarrazú, a canton in the province of San Jose, Costa Rica. In 2004, CoopeTarrazú went through an organizational transformation bringing about five guiding principles for the cooperative: solidarity, transparency, sustainability, quality, and service. As part of their sustainable business model, CoopeTarrazú operates a profitable agriculture store and grocery store. Cooperative members also have access to low interest loans and healthcare.