Origin Information

Smallholder coffee producers
Bourbon, Catuai
Santa Elena, La Paz, Honduras
November - March
1,500 – 1,640 meters
Clay minerals
Fully washed and dried in the sun

Background Details

This coffee is sourced by Catracha Coffee Company, which works directly with small family-owned farms located in the municipality of Santa Elena within the department of La Paz, Honduras. Small farmers in Santa Elena have traditionally sold their coffee (in cherry) to a middleman and their efforts as coffee producers are lost before reaching the consumer. Catracha Coffee works with a select group of farmers who participate in monthly educational meetings to improve upon their coffee production. These capacity-building opportunities have helped farmers who personally manage their coffee processing and receive all the profits associated with the sale of their exported coffee. Each of these farmers has reinvested their profits to improve their coffee farms and their livelihoods. Catracha Madre Selva was produced by Enriqueta Molina, Roberto René Ventura, Simeón Ventura, José Napoleón Torres, Lucinda Vásquez, María Elena Vásquez, José Blas Ventura, Adán Hernández, Mateo Pérez, Luis Nolasco, Francisca Vásquez, Alfonso Hernández, and Fausto de Jesús Vásquez.